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FAQ - Fire Extinguisher Singapore

1) what is the shelf life of the fire extinguishers?

3-5 years shelf life in general.

2) Is there an expiry date stated on fire extinguishers?

There is a sticker label with a 1-year expiry date. This is for the purpose of annual inspection to check that it is in working condition.

3) Do we throw away the fire extinguishers after use or can we refill them? If we can refill, how much will it cost?

Our fire extinguishers can be re-filled after usage. Refilling cost depends on the location of collection and quantity.

4) Is there a certification/approval sticker on the fire extinguisher?

Yes, there is a SETSCO-certified sticker on the fire extinguisher bottle. This is the main selling point for our fire extinguishers.

SETSCO tested

5) Is there a delivery charge?

Free delivery is for a minimum order of any 3 items (inclusive of 1pcs fire extinguisher). If not, there is a delivery charge of S$25. Self collection can be arranged too at Mei Ling Street.

6) Is a wall bracket provided?

Yes, a L-shaped wall hook is provided together with each fire extinguisher.

7) Are goods returnable?

Sorry, goods sold are non-returnable unless there are defects.