Wet Chemical

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are suitable for use on Class A & Class F Fires. These ranges of fire extinguishers are suitable to use on cooking fires caused by fat and oils.

Fire Extinguishers such as Water, Foam, Powder & CO2 will not always put out big cooking fires and are also dangerous because the pressure of these extinguishers can cause the oil to jet out and cause serious harm.

How do Wet Chemical Extinguishers work?
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers contains a solution of potassium which effectively attacks the flame in two methods:

1) the mist cools the fire and lowers the temperature to stop the fire spreading, also prevents splashing of the hot oils/fat.

2) the potassium salts react with the hot oil and causes the process of saponification, coating the surface of the cooking oil or fat in soapy foam that is non combustible and acts as a barrier between the fat and oil.

Where are Wet Chemical Extinguishers most suitable for use?
Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers are ideal for Restaurants and Kitchens being for use on fats and oils.

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