12Kg Class “D” Fire Extinguisher

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The 12Kg Class “D” Fire Extinguisher (with Low Velocity Discharge Applicator) contains powder which is suitable for fires involving lithium. Unique lance applicator designed to allow the powder to fall gently over the fire. Highly effective against metal fires, which include fires caused by sodium, magnesium and aluminium when in the form of powder or swarf.

D FAVORIT M extinguishes metal fires by fusing the powder to form a crust, which then excludes oxygen from the surface of the molten metal. The addition of a specific agent prevents the powder from sinking into the surface of the molten metal.

Extinguishing agent : powder D FAVORIT M

Propellant : nitrogen or dry air

Nominal charge : 12 Kg

Discharge time : 25 sec

Operating pressure: 10 bar at 20°C

Test pressure according 97/23/EC  : 26 bar

Burst pressure  : >55 bar

Temperature range  : -30°C +60°C


Height : 660 mm

Width : 310 mm

Diameter : 190 mm

Weight  : 17.9 kg